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7 Foods You thought We're Healthy But Aren't

7 Foods You thought We're Healthy But Aren't: There’s no doubt if you are looking for losing weight fast then you should avoid an unhealthy lifestyle & take at least 2 minutes from your busy schedules and think about what foods you are eating is really healthy for you.

take a look at these foods, many people think these are helping you in weight loss but they Aren't...


white bread

1. Multigrain and Wheat bread, I know, who’d have thought! We are large bread eaters in our household & forever being caught out by so-called ‘healthy’ multigrain loaves.

Well, next time you are reaching for that piece of toast inspect the label if it doesn’t say made with ‘100% whole grain’ it’s as bad as eating white bread which as we know is as nutritional as a piece of dough.

Energy Bars

2. Energy Bars –Just been to the gym and need to bulk up the healthy way or fancy a light snack then please stop and think before you munch one of these down.

If I told you that these bars can potentially have more calories & saturated fats than normal branded chocolate bar would you believe me? Well you should, because they do!

Energy Drinks

3. Energy Drinks – We have been prepared to think that to be an elite sportsman you need to drink isotonic drinks that provide you the edge over your flabby opponent, well too many of these and you’ll be the flabby opponent!

Anything that has the crazy neon colors of a drink like Powerade cannot be good for you and in some instances, you could go to the gym, do a half-hour work out, have one of these sugary drinks and put weight on! Think again fitness fans when stood at the vending machine, mother nature knows best, choose water!

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4. Going Veggie –for all you meat dodgers are warned, sometimes this is not the best course of action for a healthy diet. Whilst there is plenty of research out there supporting the advantages of ‘going green’ a lot of veggies fall off the bandwagon and fall back on home comforts such as carb-heavy meals.

This carb-fest results in a one way trip to getting a larger waistline so if your thinking about it, buy a good veggie cookbook!

5. Reduced-Fat Products –This one sucker in lots of people & even you can see why. Logically ‘reduced fat’ products must be better for us, right?

Well wrong actually, in some instances the products that are used as a replacement can be a whole lot worse than the real thing. Sugar is the old favorite here as a substitute which is the nemesis of all healthy eaters!


6. Smoothies –Nooooooooooo, I hear you cry! How can a drink full of mother nature’s goodness be bad for you?

Well, it can, however, all is not lost, it is all about the options you want to make as a consumer and it's all about common understanding.

Give the double chocolate cream banana and caramel smoothie a miss and hit up something with some super fruits and fiber in it.

Nothing is more beneficial than fresh fruit but a carefully constructed smoothie can do miracles however watch the sugar intake, you’ll be reaching for the dentures in no time of you have too many.
7. ‘Diet’ Drinks –In this health-obsessed age, we live in possibly one of the biggest cardinal sins is assuming you are taking the healthy option by opting for the ‘diet’ drink.

The bad news is that while the calorie intake may be lower the substitutes used in these versions of the drink can actually, be a lot more dangerous for heavy consumers and have really ugly side effects such as kidney problems and increased belly fat.

So, guys, I hope you enjoy the article "7 Foods You thought We're Healthy But Aren't" if you like then please share with your friends on social media & If you are looking for a diet plan you should take this 1$ kito challenge for 7 days & thanks for reading.

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