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How To Lose Weight With Raw Food Diet (Andrew Perlot Book Review)

How To Lose Weight With Raw Food Diet: Of course, we all want to look our best, and you will lose weight on a raw food diet — it is the easiest, most sensible way there is!  I understand from the knowledge that a significant Weight loss means that I'm more sociable & confident — when I'm in my ideal shape.
To find what you should weight is more a workmanship than a science, despite the fact that there are lots of weight/chart outlines there.

Lose Weight With Raw Food Diet: Andrew Perlot to The Rescue!

Raw Food Diet Ebook


If you're exploring how to lose weight at a raw food diet, then look no more. 

Check out the Andrew Perlot. His book (shown above, and over in the right-hand sidebar -or- at the bottom of this post if you're on your Smartphone), goes into detail on HOW a raw food diet works.
He includes the many advantages of a raw food diet, along with why it's so critical to cook food, and deflates the myth of moderation!

It's Not Only Weight Loss that Counts

To be frank, I feel that you will Understand when you reach the right body weight. We all know what 'skinny' looks like and we're not aiming for skinny, we're aiming for the toned, healthy look which we'll achieve through our healthy raw food diet (and exercise). 

I especially do not think that collar bones sticking out of a woman's necks/chest like a coat-hanger or hip bones pointing visibly within clothing is very lovely ... but maybe it is just me!
Men very rarely get 'that' skinny, and we know that nearly all women are obsessed with their weight — and a 2lb weight loss is just a number on a scale. It is what we look like that's matters a lot.

More importantly, it's what we FEEL like — good health shows with glowing clear skin, bright eyes, shiny hair — and this is what we're aiming for!

then please allow yourself to Andrew Perlot to explain to YOU How To Lose Weight With Raw Food Diet.
 I am so happy I did it!

Easy Weight Loss Method

How To Lose Weight With Raw Food Diet


Andrew's Raw Food diet is a simple weight loss system that just happens to be extremely healthy & very sustainable — after all, there is no point in working to lose weight IF you're helpless to keep it off — you're frustrated before you even start!
We all know what anorexia looks like (and that's a very serious condition that this site will not tackle as there are Eating Disorder websites that can help you with that).
But having said all this, we do need to have an idea of where we need to go, weight-wise, so we can enter that desired weight into a calorie/nutrition counter — here's a great site called CRON-O-Meter which I use daily and it's FREE!

We humans really like it Free!  


After getting your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) number, (There are many websites that offer these BMR calculators, I haven't added any link here because of the CRON-O-meter site figures that out for you while you fill in your profile) you will know the volume of energy you use when your body is in his resting state.
To this 'number' that the calculator gives you, we add our additional movement/exercise spent during the day. Exercise? Oh, that dreaded "E" word, but repeatedly, I leave that to CRON-O-meter to solve it out!

Exercise. Gardening. Housework. Office Work.

Weight Loss Tips

It's funny though, once you start to lose weight on a raw food diet, you'll find yourself with energy-to-burn and you'll gain immense pleasure in moving your body - instead of vegging out in a chair in front of the idiot box. As time goes by and weight loss occurs, it's even easier, as that fuels motivation.

Choose Your Rate of Weight Loss Goals:

If you are first setting up your profile at Cron, you will also get to decide how many pounds & how fast you wish to lose those extra weights. What you think are you want to lose weight at one pound/week, or maybe you want to be reduced and fit for your son or daughter's marriage & require a more rapid weight loss process? Then insert a date in the expectation and Cron will provide you the daily caloric debt you need to aim for.
Both target for the particular occasion or 'x' volume of pounds/week, & when you add your everyday exercise/movement to the mix it up, it will give you a greater calorie the deficit, through making it easier to reach your weight-loss aims.

True: A Pound a Week Keeps the Doctor Away (Don't Try For More)

OK... so the headline doesn't rhyme... but for a one-pound weight loss per week, (one pound of fat equals 3,500 calories), we need to cut back our weekly caloric intake by 3,500 calories. That compares to 500 calories/daily. You can quickly lose weight on a raw food diet, without any problem...  So, gratitude to Cron, & Andrew, and all my years of 'expert dieting', I'm able to share this interesting information with all of you! Hope beginnings eternal, & YOU CAN DO IT!
Cron also computes what your 'daily calorie deficit' is too! However, in the exercise department, I have noticed that their 'calories burned' are a little on the high side (8 hours of office work burns 707 calories? Hmmm, not so sure about that ... so, I decided to input only 4 hours of office work, to be on the safe side).

So guys what you think about Andrew Perlot this Book... "How To Lose Weight With Raw Food Diet" Comment it & let me know...

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